Robots, Sugar and Rustic Charm

Crockett is a historic town on the edge of the San Francisco Bay, and directly underneath the Carquinez Bridge. It features steep streets, historic buildings, a giant sugar factory and a rustic charm. If you’ve ever driven on I-80 from San Francisco to Sacramento, you’ve gone over Crockett.

Downtown Crockett with the Carquinez Bridge

Downtown Crockett features a few historic bars and restaurants, including Toot’s Tavern (established 1901) with its neon sign that features a woman swimming in a martini glass.

Toot’s bar with the Carquinez Bridge in the background.
Downtown Crockett is historic.

Crockett is home to the enormous C&H sugar refinery. If you ever take Amtrak Capitol Corridor from the Bay Area to Sacramento, the train passes right by the enormous buildings.

C&H stands for California and Hawaiian Sugar Company

Once a year, Crockett hosts the SugarTown festival. Its a street fair that is sugar-themed.

Crockett SugarTown Festival with the C&H factory in the background 
At the SugarTown Festival, booths give away large boxes of white and brown sugar.

A pallet of sugar waiting to be given away!

The Crockett Historical Museum is well worth a stop, and has much more interesting exhibits than most small-town city museums. Roadside America offers a good writeup. It features a 8.5 foot long model of the National Cathedral in Washington DC, California’s last operational mechanical switchboard, the largest wasp nest found in a home, the largest sturgeon caught in San Pablo Bay and a ton of other local treasures, big and small.

A patient at the Bailey Art Museum.

Right next door to the Crockett Historical Museum is Crockett’s premier attraction: the Bailey Art Museum (AKA Robot Museum).

Several of the Robots of Crockett

This one-of-a-kind museum houses the art of Clayton Bailey, watercolor drawings by Betty Bailey, and pseudo-scientific curiosities by Dr. Gladstone.

Proof that PT Barnum was right
Robot/Bigfoot autopsy?
This robot can sweep your ceiling.
Ceramic personalities

Crockett is a hidden gem, and a must-visit

Getting There

Crockett is a short drive from San Francisco. Though Amtrak capitol corridor does go through Crockett, it does not stop.

Without a car, you could take the ferry to Vallejo, BART to Richmond or Amrak to Martinez and take Uber/Lyft the rest of the way. Downtown Crockett is walkable, and the Bailey Museum and Historical Museum are a short walk from downtown Crockett.

What do do next

Port Costa is very close to Crockett.